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While most facilities claim to have an All-Star personal training staff, SVZ Performance is the only facility devoted to Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques™ and trains under the principles of the Resistance Training Specialist® Program. MAT™ and RTS® are unique in that they are the only programs that provide in depth education on the physical applications of force, which when dealing with the complexities of the human body, is essential knowledge.

All personal training clients use a hybrid of MAT™ and exercise to provide the most optimal results. MAT™ is used to identify and treat muscular inhibition to ensure the body is prepared for the forces of resistance training. Any loss of muscle(s) contraction efficiency may be demonstrated by a loss of motion and decreased physical performance. It’s like checking all parts before driving your car. If you drive with poor alignment, it is simply a matter of time until the car breaks down.

At SVZ Performance we don’t conform to any particular training style. We understand each individual is unique and, therefore, requires an individual approach. Particularly important is the principle of Microprogression® Designated by RTS® Microprogression® represents the idea that exercises should be progressed in the smallest and most reasonable steps. While many in the fitness industry pride themselves on how challenging they can make a workout, we understand there is a major difference between an exercise that is difficult and one that is both appropriate and effective.

We look forward to seeing you at SVZ Performance to EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE!

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